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Online Business Strategy

Craft A Unique Strategy That You Can Use Like A Heat Seeking Missile, & Win The War Against Your Competition!


Automate Up To 95% Of Your Business Operations Online & Free Yourself From The Beast!

Web Design & Optimization

The Home Of Your Business Online. Make Sure It's Clean, Fast, Safe, & Stops Your Guests From Getting Lost..

Lead Generation

Bring In New Clients On Autopilot & Keep The Old Ones Coming Back - Chuffed For More!

Create An Automated Lead Funnel That Offers Immense Value To A Visitor, Nurtures Your Relationship With Them, And Turns Them Into A Potential Customer Automatically!

Automatically Keep Your Existing Customers Happy, And Use Your Relationship With Them To Bring You New Clients Without Lifting A Finger!


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Is A Technique To Naturally Gets Your Page Showing Up At The Top Ranks Of Google, Without Having To Pay For Ads!

It's Focused On Optimizing Your Content Around Keywords, Optimal Layout, & Building Links To Your Website


SEM (Search Engine Marketing) Is Paid Advertisements On Search Engines, Like Google & Bing, And Immediately Shows Your Ad As Soon As You Begin!

It's Focused Around PPC (Pay Per Click) Which Means That You Only Pay When People Click On Your Ad

Content Marketing

Creating Engaging Content For Your Website, Digital Ads, Email Campaigns, & Social Media.

All Content Is Designed And Optimized Around Targeted Keywords That Are Aimed To Rank Naturally

Paid Advertising

Creating Engaging Ads That Target The Top Social Platforms - Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tik Tok, Snapchat - And Turn Viewers Into Leads & Customers

Digital Consulting

Consulting Available To All Countries In The World.

All Consulting Is Specifically Tailored To The Needs Of Your Business!


It’s a tailored strategy, for your business, that is made just for you!

It takes into account the business model you’re currently using, the type of product/service you’re delivering, and what your current constraints are.

No Cookie Cutter BS!

Of Course! I Help People With Full Time Jobs & Striving Entrepreneurs On A Daily Basis And Help Them Get The Ball Rolling On Their Business & Side Hustle

I Give Many Processes Away For Free, Like Registering A Business Yourself, Choosing An Effective Business Model, etc.

You Would Pay 10x The Price If You Had Someone Else Do It For You.. To Me, That’s Robbery!

I Have An In Depth Understanding Of A Wide Variety Of Business Models, From First Hand Experience, As I’ve Been A “Make Money Online Guinea Pig” Since 2012!

I’ve Worked On Businesses Focused On Affiliate Marketing, CPA Marketing, Physical & Digital Product Ecommerce, Dropshipping, Drop Servicing, Print On Demand, Multi-Level Marketing (LOL), Consulting, Life & Business Coaching, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Digital Marketing, White Label marketing, SAAS Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Social Media Marketing,  SEO, SEM, And My Experience & Expertise Grows By The Day!

That’s Exactly What I Did For A Long Time & You’re More Than Welcome To Try And Go At It Alone…

BUT… You’re Going To Hit Your Head Very Fucking Hard On The Learning Curve, Especially When The Novelty Of What You’re Doing Wears Off And It Starts Feeling Like Drudgery!

You’ve Probably Went All In On A Goal, Gave Up When Things Stopped Feeling Exciting, And Probably Had Some Good Excuses & Justifications Why You Gave Up, Right?

It’s Easy To Be Motivated, But That Shit Wears Off So Quickly. When It Does, You’ll Find Yourself Spinning Your Wheels Looking For A Quick Fix Solution, Or The Next Shiny Object.

You Know Deep Inside That When You Have A Problem, You Go To The Right Professional, With The Expertise, To Get It Fixed!

You Don’t Ask An Accountant To Design The Architecture Of Your House! (Architects & Accountants Are Awesome btw!)

Simple Answer: None!

I Did Study Metallurgy & Materials Engineering At Wits University, But I Don’t Have A Degree!

I Left University And Got Myself Coaches, Mentors, Books, & Courses On The Various Business Models, That I Found Interesting And Wanted To Pursue Full Time (While Having A Part Time Job As A Chauffer, Travelling The Country. That Was Fun!)

I’ve Gone Against The Grain Of My Friends, Family, Even Society In General And I’ve Eaten A Lot Of Shit For Pursuing My Abnormal Passions..

I’ve Failed More Times At Online Business Than Most People Will Ever Try, And I’m Blessed With All Of The Knowledge & Experience Picked Up Along The Way..

My Expertise Is My Knowledge, Experience, & Sheer Belief In My Ability To Figure Things Out!

In The Past I Have Done Every Single Service, That I Offer, Myself.

I Cultivated The Expertise Through Trial And Error, Devised The Optimal Process & Operation Of Each And Every Task, And I Continue To Tweak The Process As The Market Changes.

I Nurtured Many Relationships With Freelancers Over The Years, Selected The Crème Of The Crop, Trained Each One To Focus On Mastering One Of The Services I Offer, And Now They Work Exclusively For Me.

I Have An Immense Amount Of Loyalty From Them Because I Constantly Help Them, And Sometimes Force Them, To Work On Their Side Businesses On A Daily Basis.

I Have Full Trust In Their Capabilities, And I Know That I Don’t Have To Micromanage Them, Ever.

I Don’t Mind Getting My Hands Dirty In Any Area Of My Business.. However, I Specialize In Crafting Tailored Strategies And Solutions For Businesses That Can Only Be Acquired Through Years Of Experience…


I’m Rather Picky Over My Clients & I Refuse To Get Micromanaged! I Will Not Even Touch A Million Dollar Payout Project, With A Long Stick, If It Means I Have To Get Micromanaged!

My Overarching Goal Is To Help People Help Themselves.

If I Cannot Help You, Or You Do Not Want To Help Yourself, Then I Don’t Want To Waste Your Time, Or Mine! (I Couldn’t Give A Fuck How Much Money You Offer Me!)

I Love Working With Individuals, From Side Hustlers To Large Firms, That Have An Exceptionally Strong Work Ethic.

I Will Be Creating A Lot Of Free Content & Courses, Available To Everyone, Starting In 2021!

I’ll Be Doing That Because It’s A Dear Passion Of Mine To Help People To Help Themselves!

I Will Also Be Releasing Exclusive Resources Reserved For My Clients Only!

You Can Apply For A Business Audit, Or You Can Reach Out To Me Through The Contact Form.

I Filter Emails By Qualified Prospects And Regulars.

Qualified Prospects Are People That Could Massively Benefit In Their Business, If They Choose To Work With Me.

I Set Up Meetings With Qualified Prospects, Relay And Offer The Most Beneficial Services, And My Team Focuses On Providing Quality Service Delivery.

With The Regular Email List I’ll Spend Two Hours, Every Three Days, Replying To Them.

I Try My Best To Offer Some Genuine Help Where I Can. If I Cannot Help, Then I Point Them In The Best Direction!


I Have Allowed This In The Past & I Refuse To Do It Again. I Will Call You In Rare Cases, But All Incoming Calls Are Blocked. Clients Sign Contracts Over This, And Are Given Specific Email Addresses To Contact Me Through.

I Would Much Rather Set Up A Scheduled Meeting On Zoom, As A Sign Of Respect For Your Time, And Mine


& Over-Delivering.

Be A Part Of Something EXTRAordinary